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3 Ways to Quickly Get Quiet in a Busy World

By Valerie Gettings, CISSN 3rd year naturopathic medical student, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine We live in a world where there are constant deadlines, notifications, places to be, things to get done, and the list goes on and on, or your lists have lists. But how do we take a moment and connect to our… Continue reading 3 Ways to Quickly Get Quiet in a Busy World


Stress-relieving Acupuncture? Yes, Please!

Taking eleven classes a semester (yep! eleven!) in naturopathic medical school leads to a bit of stress no matter how good you are at organizing and color coding all of your notes. It’s just a lot of classes at once and a ton of information to fit into your brain. One amazing service we are… Continue reading Stress-relieving Acupuncture? Yes, Please!