And We’re Off! Year 2 of Naturopathic Medical School

So we just completed the first week of our second year at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine! I am excited for this year because not only do I now know where the bathrooms are and where to throw out the trash, but also because this is a year to put everything we learned last… Continue reading And We’re Off! Year 2 of Naturopathic Medical School

Stress-relieving Acupuncture? Yes, Please!

Taking eleven classes a semester (yep! eleven!) in naturopathic medical school leads to a bit of stress no matter how good you are at organizing and color coding all of your notes. It’s just a lot of classes at once and a ton of information to fit into your brain. One amazing service we are… Continue reading Stress-relieving Acupuncture? Yes, Please!

Letting Go of ‘Perfect’: Tips for Success

When I entered my first semester at naturopathic medical school, only five months ago, I wanted to do my best and get everything right. I quickly learned that with 11 classes on my plate each semester that was NOT going to be attainable. If I focused on making sure every little detail was in place,… Continue reading Letting Go of ‘Perfect’: Tips for Success