Welcome To Naturopathic Chronicles

13962659_10209547192257302_2365484379065521865_nWelcome to my first blog on Naturopathic Chronicles! I am going to take you on a journey through my adventures of naturopathic medical school at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto, ON. I am starting in a few weeks so this is an exciting time! I am about to start a program at CCNM to become a licensed naturopathic doctor (N.D).

In future blogs, you can look forward to reading about what I will be learning at CCNM, my own personal story in overcoming epilepsy, and my experiences with health and wellness. I am always open to suggestions on what you would like to know about becoming a licensed naturopathic doctor, healer, or anything you were wondering about natural medicine. Thanks for following me and checking out Naturopathic Chronicles!

4 thoughts on “Welcome To Naturopathic Chronicles”

    1. I am not sure when NDs will be licensed in NY, Marilyn. I am a member of the NY board of Naturopathic Physicians. I hope they get licensing soon! I will keep you posted. I have also offered to be the CCNM school rep for the NYANP. Andy is back in Buffalo.


      1. sounds great….hopefully, NY State will evolve in your practice lifetime ….

        How is the classroom/curriculum stuff ? Would be very interested in seeing a copy of the schedule/syllabi….

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